How to Make money selling free on ekayzone.

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Good day, Tips how to make money selling on eKayzone Free. sell free on S.A.'s community online makertplace sign up account easy-to-use 
You will have an account as your virtual shop is free.

Go to China malll JHB from R500. You can stock, 
EG. Solar lights are in demand ; you can stock each solar recharge liights less than R30 each. 
List them on eKayzone free at the resell price of R70 or more each.

Share your ekayzone listing  ad link to other social networks, examples of links

With R500, you can stock 17 solar chargeable light. Advertise them free on 

Price them at R70 or morr each .
Your gross profit will be R1190. Take out R190 as your expenditure on transport etc

You will have a net profit of R500 now. Your capital is R1000 stocks, two different items in demand in your community. 

Think out of the box, look what is in demand in your community, you can get anything  at Chain Mall at cheap half price Apps are available now at Google Play Store or Apple Store or downlod it on

Google Play store for Android  download.

Apple store download download.

Watch  ekayzone Promo Video. Support by subscribing and sharing, please

Pls share and conduct business Sell & Buy on free download the apps free are available now


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